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We have received permission from our provincial government to run summer camps and are SO excited to see you this summer!

As we approach summer camps at NPCC, we ask all parents and caregivers to monitor the health of children every day. Campers may not attend camp if they display any of the following symptoms: fever, cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, runny nose, nasal congestion, headache, and a general feeling of being unwell.

We ask that you equip your child with the following every day: sunscreen, hat, light jacket, comfortable shoes, water bottle, snacks and lunch as campers are unable to share any food or personal belongings. Campers are asked to bring their food in reusable containers and take home all uneaten food and refuse. Lunches must be ready-to-eat as our kitchen facilities remain closed. Campers should not bring peanut/nut products. We ask you to refrain sending children to camp with toys. Cell phones are to be safely stowed away.

Please see below to view our full health and safety plan. Please note that as further information becomes available changes to the camps may become necessary. We will keep you updated with any relevant information.

Your team at NPCC





  • NPCC will exclusively accommodate summer camps while operating Monday through Friday, 7:30AM-5:30PM from July 6 – September 4, 2020. Adult programming and art exhibitions and events have been postponed or rescheduled.
  • Two or three summer camps (cohorts) will run concurrently at NPCC at any given time, each contained in a separate studio/gallery.
  • A cohort is defined as a group of children and staff members assigned to them who stay together throughout the day.
  • Each camp may operate with 8 campers, 1 teacher and 1 counsellor, for a total of 10 per cohort.
  • Two or three summer camps (cohorts) will run concurrently at NPCC at any given time, each contained in a separate studio/gallery. The notable exception is the week of August 17-21. Due to the popularity of "Imaginarium" and "Stop-Motion Animation" we will be running two "Imaginarium" classes and 2 "Stop-Motion" Animation" classes, for a total of 4 camps with 8 campers in each cohort. Each camp of 8 students will work in a separate studio all week.
  • Cohorts will not mix with other cohorts or be within the same room room/space/studio at the same time.
  • Staff members, parents or guardians and children will not attend the program if they are sick, even if symptoms resemble a mild cold. Symptoms to look for include: fever, cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, runny nose, nasal congestion, headache, and a general feeling of being unwell.
  • Parents and guardians must check the temperature and wellness of children daily before coming to the program. Parents and guardians will be reminded of this requirement when children are first registered for the program and through visible signage at entrances and drop off areas.
  • Staff must conduct active symptom screening of each child every day with the parent or guardian as they drop off their children.
  • Programs must keep daily records of anyone attending the day camp who stays for 15 minutes or longer (e.g. staff working each day, children, etc.). Records must be kept up-to-date and available to facilitate contact tracing in the event of an outbreak.
  • All visitors or special guests will also be documented.
  • Any program connected to a confirmed or probable case of COVID-19 will be required to close for a minimum of 72 hours to allow contact tracing, and then adhere to recommendations from City of Toronto Public Health.
  • Camp participants must bring their own sunscreen for outdoor activities as sunscreen will not be permitted to be shared.
  • Regrettably, we will be unable to offer end-of-week exhibitions and performances for parents. However, we are planning on a Summer Camper Exhibition, Sept. 6-16 in our Parkview, Emergence and Founders Galleries, provided that we are able to move forward with small events.


  • If a child develops symptoms while at NPCC, the child will be isolated, away from other children and the parent or guardian will be notified to come and pick up the child immediately.
  • If a child requires close contact and care, staff will continue to care for the child until the parent or guardian is able to pick them up. Staff will wear a mask during all interactions with the child and will avoid contact with the child’s respiratory secretions.
  • Staff will wash their hands before donning a mask and before and after removing the mask (as per mask guidance), and before and after touching any items used by the child.
  • All items used by the child while isolated will be cleaned and disinfected as soon as the child has been picked up. Items that cannot be cleaned and disinfected (e.g. paper, books, cardboard puzzles) will be removed from the program and stored in a sealed container for a minimum of 10 days.
  • Camp participants will be reminded of hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette.
  • If a staff person develops illness while at work, they will immediately remove themselves from any contact with others, notify their supervisor and go home.
  • If a COVID-19 case is suspected, parents will be notified immediately. The local public health unit will be contacted to notify them of a potential case and advice will be sought regarding the information that will be shared with the public.
  • Camp participants or staff that are exposed to a confirmed case of COVID-19 will be excluded from the program setting for 14 days. Public health will be consulted for procedures on testing before being permitted to rejoin the program.



Please drive up to the walkway at the front entrance and stay in your car. A staff member will come to your car, have you sign in your child and will then escort your child into the Centre. Cars may line up in a counter-clockwise manner and parents and guardians may wait until their turn comes to park by the walkway at the front entrance. Please note: every morning, you will be asked if your child displays any symptoms of COVID-19 before being allowed into the Centre.


Priority will be given to those travelling by foot. Please wait at the front door until a staff member can accommodate you. Please adhere to the 2-metre distancing at the front door. A staff member will have you sign in and then escort your child into the Centre. Please note: every morning, you will be asked if your child displays any symptoms of COVID-19 before being allowed into the Centre.


Please drive up to the walkway at the front entrance and stay in your car. A staff member will escort your child to your car and have you sign them out. Cars may line up in a counter-clockwise manner and parents and guardians may wait until their turn comes to park by the walkway at the front entrance.


Priority will be given to those travelling by foot. Please wait at the front door until a staff member can accommodate you. Please adhere to the 2-metre distancing at the front door. A staff member will escort your child to the front door and have you sign them out.


  • Two or three concurrent camp programs will be offered and separation between programs maintained.
  • Where possible, physical distancing practices will occur within each cohort.
  • In the classroom, children will sit 2 metres apart from each other. Each child will receive his/her own 2 square metre camper space, delineated by floor markings. All belongings of each child will remain within the camper space.
  • Avoided will be close greetings like hugs or handshakes and encouraged will be physically-distant greetings such as “air fives” and waves.
  • Staff will plan physically distant outdoor activities such as shadow tag and avoid activities that require clustering around a particular item or small area.
  • Where a shared outdoor space is used such as Neilson Park or its playground, cohorts must maintain a distance of 10 metres between groups.
  • There will be no non-essential visitors at the Centre. Parents or guardians will be unable to enter NPCC unless for emergency purposes.
  • Communication with parents will be by email or telephone call, if necessary.
  • Signs will be posted reminding persons not to enter if they are sick (even if symptoms resemble a mild cold).
  • Children may bring face masks to camp if the family desires. When possible, staff will reinforce that these campers wear masks.


  • Outside play structures that are used by more than one group can only be used by one cohort at a time and must be cleaned and disinfected before and after use by each cohort. Children not within the cohort are forbidden to use structures until the cohort has left the facilities. Each cohort must clean and disinfect equipment between cohort uses.
  • Each cohort will have regulated visits to the washrooms, preventing mixing of cohorts. Washrooms will be cleaned between cohort visits. We understand that irregularities and unplanned occurrences are common during summer camp. In the event that a camper should need an unscheduled bathroom visit, those areas used will be cleaned and disinfected.
  • Cohorts that utilize a space that has other user groups will ensure the space is cleaned before and after using the space. Cleaning will be done by one person within the cohort directly before the group enters the space and after it exits the space. A cleaning log will be posted and used to track cleaning.


To help plan activities, staff will consider the following questions to determine the risk of the activities and whether they are allowed to proceed.

  • Does the activity violate a public health order?
  • Does the activity involve shared surfaces or objects frequently touched by hands?
  • Can an activity be modified to increase opportunities for physical distancing?


  • There will be a “no food sharing” policy.
  • NPCC will not distribute food, water or snacks of any kind to campers.
  • All campers MUST bring their own water bottles.
  • Participants must label personal belongings.
  • Where possible, children will practice physical distancing while eating.
  • Utensils should be packed with lunch as to discourage eating with fingers.
  • Everyone will thoroughly wash their hands before lunch and snack time.
  • Each cohort will eat separately from the other.
  • Boomerang lunches and snacks will be observed where campers are asked to bring their food in reusable containers and take home all uneaten food and refuse.


  • The Centre will engage in frequent, thorough cleaning and disinfecting each day.
  • When possible, tools that have been used such as paint brushes, pencils, etc. will be disinfected at the end of the day.
  • Where possible, toys and equipment will be made of material that can be cleaned and disinfected regularly.
  • Hand sanitizer poses a potential risk for alcohol poisoning particularly for children, instead, all children and staff will participate in scheduled hand washing events throughout the day.
  • Staff will have access to alcohol-based hand sanitizer containing at least 60% alcohol content and will use it frequently throughout the day.


Neilson Park Creative Centre will cancel in-person summer camps if directed to do so by Federal, Provincial or City governments and a full refund will be provided.


Withdrawals must be made at least 14 days before the first day of camp. A refund less $25 administration fee will be issued upon receiving notice of withdrawal by email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (charged per course, per registrant.)

Week of Monday, July 13 -  Friday, July 17, 2020


My Big, Little City
SU20CW2A Camp Full - Wait List Only
Ages 5 - 7         
9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Using their imaginations, campers will discover what their dream city looks like through their eyes! Through 3D explorations, kids will create a body of work focussing on the theme of urban exploration, while thinking about architecture, transportation, food, culture, and play! Materials included.
3D Creations
Ages 8 - 12     
9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Kids will create a number of sculptures, using materials such as found objects, recyclables, clay, and plaster. Kids will learn the basics of working in 3D by experimenting with structure, problem solving, and creative learning. Materials included.
Extended Care: Morning
Ages 5 - 12
7:30 a.m. - 8:30 a.m.
Extended Care: Afternoon
Ages 5 - 12
4:00 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.


Gallery Rental

Neilson Park Creative Centre has two large galleries that are available for rental. Artspace Connect is a spacious room with 120 feet of wall hanging space. The Parkview Gallery has 86 feet of running space and is a wide hallway that connects from the entrance to the atrium. Both gallery spaces are equipped with natural lighting and spot lights.

Our gallery spaces welcome artwork from individual artists, artist collectives, independent curators and other organization. Exhibitions usually run for the duration of three weeks.

IMG 0883  IMG 0885 

Artspace Connect 

Parkview Gallery

Rental Fee for Artspace Connect and Parkview Gallery includes the following:

  • Installation assistance
  • Information of artists and exhibition posted on our website as well as social media outlets
  • Email blast of exhibition sent to our membership database of more than 1000 people
  • Our facility also includes a beautiful sun filled atrium to host an opening reception

Please access our Gallery Rental FAQ for additional questions. 

All applicants are required to submit an application form and support materials to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Any additional inquiries please e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Founders Gallery

The Founders Gallery at the entrance of Neilson Park Creative Centre is available for rental on a monthly basis.

This is a great opportunity for artists to showcase their work. It is a perfect space for small paintings, handmade cards, jewelry and more.  The dimensions of the space are 6’ wide, 46” tall, and 18” depth and the cabinet contains 4 adjustable shelves.



For more information on how you can rent out the Founders Gallery display case, please send an inquiry e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


For pricing of all our gallery spaces, please click here

Enzo Avolio
From Character Design and Animation to Drawing for Beginners and Art for Kids, the classroom setting is a wonderful and creative space to be in. A place to acquire skills that equips you to express yourself in a healthy and beautiful way. For many years now I have been a Character Design Instructor at Sheridan College’s BA Animation program in which I am also an alumni. Along with portfolio review and tutoring, I enjoy teaching at Neilson Park Creative Centre, Toronto School of Art and several other private schools.
Toni Caldarone
Toni is a mixed-media expressive artist where her life’s journey and her creative vision have allowed her the opportunity to translate her skills into hands-on experiences with her students. She aims to encourage her students’ creativity through positive experiences in a fun and friendly learning environment.
She has been instructing children and adult programs for over seventeen years with a variety of organizations including TDSB’s Learn4Life Community Program, Artsjam, City of Toronto, Haliburton School of Art & Design and Neilson Park Creative Centre.
Toni is an honours graduate of Humber College’s Recreational Leadership program with a fifteen-year background in event management at major Toronto venues.
Malcolm Cullen
Malcolm Cullen is an illustrator, artist and instructor. He grew up in the small English Village of Cookham. Malcolm was inspired early on by the “British tradition” of illustration. Especially Edwardian illustrators such as Arthur Rackham, Heath Robinson and Edmond Dulac and looked to their illustrations in pen and ink and watercolour on handmade paper. He studied Graphic Design at the Art College in London, United Kingdom. While in school, Malcolm was introduced to the writing of Mervin Peake, which has inspired an ongoing personal illustration project. Malcolm creates work for a wide variety of clients from design agencies to book and magazine publishers.
Marianne Gibson
Marianne Gibson received her B.A. Specializing in Fine Art from University of Guelph and has been creating in various mediums ever since. Her artwork displays a spontaneity and energy whether it’s sensual charcoal curves of a life drawing or the rich, textural brush stroke of encaustic painting. Inspired by both the human figure and our Ontario landscape, Marianne has been creating art for the past 25+ years with a focus on encaustic painting in the last eight years. Some works include photo/image transfers while others are the result of the playful, spontaneous nature of the encaustic medium.
Kal Honey
Kal Honey was creative and obsessively detail-oriented from an early age: drawing, building models, embroidery, and photography. After attending Northern Secondary School’s specialized art program in Toronto, Kal went on to become an award-winning graduate of the Ontario College of Art.
After a 2009 travel sabbatical from his 20-year graphic design career, Kal re-focused his career on art and art instruction. Often bold (but sometimes subtle), Kal's work in painting, graphics and collage is informed by his design sensitivity and training, his love of contrasts, and his penchant for text, wit and wordplay.
Recent exhibitions include: In Situ 2, Multi-Arts Festival and ArtWorkX, Mississauga: Toronto Outdoor Art Fair, Red Head Gallery, Otto Art, Queen West Art Crawl, Art Square Gallery, and RAW, Toronto. In 2017 Kal was awarded an Ontario Arts Council grant for the creation of new work.
As an instructor, Kal teaches regularly here at Neilson Park Creative Centre, as well as at Haliburton School of Art + Design and Visual Arts Mississauga. He also leads workshops, gives lectures and juries exhibitions throughout Southern Ontario.
When not in the studio or classroom, Kal can often be found in the gym or out riding one of his beloved bicycles…
Kim-Lee Kho
Kim-Lee Kho is a multidisciplinary artist who has participated in exhibitions, residencies and mentorships in Ontario, Alberta and BC, and been awarded grants by the Ontario Arts Council, including a creation grant in 2013.
In 2015 Kim had her first solo show at a public art gallery, creating a multi-layered installation for the XIT-RM space at the Art Gallery of Mississauga with drawing, video, textile and sculpture. A featured artist at both the 2016 and 2018 In Situ multi-arts festivals, she presented large scale installations in multiple media along with live drawing performances. In 2019, Kim will exhibit at the Living Arts Centre in Mississauga, the Cedar Ridge Creative Centre in Scarborough and The Red Head Gallery as a new member.
Kim teaches at Neilson Park Creative Centre, and the Haliburton School of Art + Design, as well as jurying, speaking and presenting elsewhere by invitation. She also runs an independent, periodic Gallery Walk & Talks around contemporary galleries in Toronto. 

Jacintha Krish
A painter for many decades, I consider art a journey which breathes life into my soul along its path. After many decades of juggling a career in business and administration as well as creative and visual arts, I now enjoy life in this vibrant city of Toronto being engaged as a full-time artist.
I play an active role in our art world, participating year round in solo, group and juried art exhibitions and other art related events in Toronto as well as in other cities.
My work involves teaching workshops, courses and painting demonstrations in various creative organizations in the GTA. I currently instruct at Neilson Park Creative Centre, Humber Valley Art Club and Oakville Art Society. I also teach workshops in out of town locations Southampton Art School and Meacham Art Society.   My work is currently featured on international websites Saatchi and Artfinder and sold in Canada, USA, UK and South Asia. 
Veronica Loi
Veronica Loi received her Bachelor of Design from OCAD University specializing in Illustration. Loi also holds an undying interest in textile designs. Veronica’s current portfolio explores a wide range of materials and techniques, including, printmaking, papermaking and dry/wet felting. Veronica currently lives in the Greater Toronto Area and has completed her Post-Graduate education at Humber College for Hospitality and Tourism Operations Management.
Ruth Luginbuehl
Ruth Luginbuehl was born and raised in Switzerland, where she completed her training as a Pediatrician. With her husband, she moved to Toronto at the turn of the new millennium to pursue additional professional and personal training in medicine as a clinical fellow at Sick Kids Hospital, Toronto. After concluding the first year of her formal training in fine art in Switzerland, she eventually graduated in 2001 from the Toronto School of Art.
In 2004, she achieved her diploma in Creative Art Therapy, at the Toronto Art Therapy Institute. Having specialized in Medical Art Therapy, she worked in pediatric palliative Medicine at Sick Kids Hospital. She founded and still teaches the course of Medical Art Therapy at the Toronto Art Therapy Institute. She lives and works in Toronto, where she provides individual and group Art Therapy, and offers art workshops to all ages in her private studio, schools and other institutions. She is an active participant in community work, and is facilitating meditative labyrinth walks and on-site Mandala painting. As a textile artist, she uses a variety of techniques, including acrylic and watercolor painting, printmaking, collage, encaustic, and embellishment with machine stitching and hand embroidery.
Helen McCusker
A graduate of Sheridan’s Illustration Program, Helen has been making art for more than 40 years. Her main focus is on Figurative work – creating Expressionistic drawings and paintings that speak to movement, energy and the deeply personal.
Helen’s Figurative work always begins with drawing from live Artists’ models – looking for the elusive ‘something’ that carries the work beyond the skill of the drawing. It is mostly created in-session, using models with whom she has worked closely over many years. She sometimes brings in outside elements – found imagery, which is then incorporated into the work to create a narrative. Helen also works with Paper Engineering as counter-point to her drawing and painting, creating Abstract Pop-Up sculptures incorporating hand-painted papers and collage.
Helen instructs at Visual Arts Mississauga, Halliburton School of Art & Design and Neilson Park Creative Centre.
Steve Rose
Steve is a graduate of Ontario College of Art and Design with a major in drawing and painting. He has exhibited his work in over 70 shows and has a diverse and experienced background as an artist/educator. His work is collected in private and corporate international collections. There are three main areas of interest to the artist, those being non-objective painting, life drawing and printmaking (generally in the medium of lithography).
In addition to active independent studio practice, Steve enjoys teaching and lecturing on art and art history as well as constantly taking workshops such as his life drawing sessions every Wednesday evening for the past 17 years. Steve is also involved in mentoring less experienced artists and various artistic collaborations. On a personal note, he has a heartfelt desire to obtain a MFA designation either in Canada or abroad. 
Bruce Sherman
Bruce Sherman has been painting for many years and especially enjoys painting outdoors. In the mid-90s, his twin brother talked him into directing his artistic enthusiasm into the “eternal animation project.” Along with this playful endeavour, Bruce has fallen upon many stories in life, whose very existence required “cartooning.” Whether tales of his own or those of his active children, the lighter side of life has provided an abundance of subjects for visual quips and characterizations. Last summer, he was commissioned to draw 10 cartoons depicting a series of comedic analogies. The cartoons seen here are a compilation of personal images and work for that client.
Marjan Verstappen
Marjan Verstappen’s practice encompasses drawing and sculpture, photography, and working with communities. Through these actions she explores concepts of mystery, truth, and how narratives about a place can be woven through objects and drawings.   
Recent exhibitions include Life, Onions and Hotdogs on Parade (Zalucky Contemporary), Every. Now. Then: Reframing Nationhood (Art Gallery of Ontario), Gallery Galleria (Galleria Shopping Centre, Toronto), and the Fung Wah Biennial (Flux Factory, NYC).
Verstappen was born in New Zealand, where she received her BFA in Sculpture from Dunedin School of Art. She moved to Canada in 2012 and graduated from OCAD University with an MFA in 2014. She lives and works in Toronto, where she is co-director of Younger Than Beyoncé (YTB) Gallery.
Louise Zych
Louise is a multi-media artist whose works include acrylics, collage, watercolour, coloured pencil, pastel and printmaking. She has been an active artist since childhood, on the executive for the Burlington Fine Arts Association as a teenager, studied at Ontario College of Art, and a mother and self-employed artist since. Louise taught art voluntarily for ten years at her daughters' elementary school and has taught all ages in regularly scheduled classes and workshops at Neilson Park Creative Centre since 2002.
She has also taught at the Koffler Centre and continues to teach small and private art and art history classes at her studio. Louise is a member of the Colour and Form Society, and a member and facilitator of the Milkweed Collective. She has overseen the design and production of several large works of art by youth artists, one for permanent installation at NPCC and one for St. Michael's Hospital, Toronto.
Louise has participated in many exhibitions; solo, juried, collective and invitational, and has won several awards. Her works are in collections across Canada, The United States, England and Turkey.
Registration Policies
Registration is on a first-come-first-served basis and is subject to availability. Advance registration is recommended for all courses. All programs, prices and instructors are subject to change without notice.  Absence from classes does not constitute notice of withdrawal. Class registration fees are non-transferrable. You will automatically be notified if the program you have registered for has been cancelled or rescheduled, if you have provided us with a valid e-mail address or phone number.
Registration Procedure 
Registrations can be made in person at the Centre; by telephone, or online. YOUR REGISTRATION IS VALID ONCE FULL PAYMENT IS PROCESSED. Please let us know if you wish a receipt. Payment can be made either by cash, cheque, VISA or Master Card. Registrations are on a first-come first-served basis as soon as term schedules are available. Class sizes are based on the size of the studio and available equipment, ages of the participants and suitability for the material.
Returned (NSF) Cheques A $25.00 administration fee will be charged for cheques that are returned to us by your bank.

Program Withdrawals
Changes and/or Withdrawals from courses must be made at least 14 days prior to the course start date for a refund, minus an administration fee of $25 per course, per registrant.  No changes or withdrawals to registrations will be permitted less than 14 days prior to course start date.
Program Cancellation All courses are subject to sufficient registration. Neilson Park Creative Centre reserves the right to cancel, postpone or combine individual courses if minimum registration is not achieved. A full refund will be issued in the event of a cancellation.
Course Transfers If space is available, patrons may transfer from one course to another that is of equal or greater value, as long as the transfer is done 2 weeks before the class begins. A $25 administration fee will be charged per course, per registrant.
Missed Class In the event that a patron is unable to attend a class, Neilson Park Creative Centre regrets that a makeup class or refund will not be offered.
Wait List In the event that the course/camp you have selected is full, you can be placed on a wait list. Individuals on the wait list will only be notified if space becomes available.
Class Supplies & Materials Neilson Park Creative Centre supplies materials for children, teen and some adult workshops. Where special materials fees or a model fee is required, it will be stated in the class information. Otherwise, adults are generally responsible for supplying their own materials.
Patrons who have registered for courses may find a supply list online. If a supply list is not shown for your course, you may call the office at 416-622-5294 to confirm the supplies needed for the course.
Age Requirements Children must meet the age requirements of the course/camp listed.
Safe Learning Environment NPCC courses aim to provide a safe, positive, and welcoming learning environment. Neilson Park Creative Centre reserves the right to refuse admittance to or de-register any person who prevents our ability to provide such an environment. In the event of de-registration, a refund will be issued for the balance of classes for which the individual is registered.
Special Needs All details of special needs must be disclosed at the time of registration. Please note that we cannot provide a support worker. Support workers are admitted to Neilson Park Creative Centre courses and camps free of charge. NPCC reserves the right to request a valid Police Reference Check before entry to the class.
Please visit our website to confirm classes are running in the event of inclement weather.
Students will not be contacted when Neilson Park Creative Centre is closed due to weather natural disasters.
Neilson Park Creative Centre reserves the right to use photographic material for advertising and promotional purposes. If you do not want your child, yourself or other family members photographed, please let us know.
Information Collection Any personal information is used to process your application for program participation; the registration of individuals in programs; payment of fees; collection of outstanding fee amounts; aggregate statistical reporting, contacting clients regarding upcoming programs, and, additional mailings, including newsletters/surveys.
Week of Monday, August 31 to Friday, September 4, 2020


Art Sampler Camps

NPCC’s Art Sampler camps are an exciting way for young creative minds to sample a variety of art forms including visual arts, music, and drama! Through a multi-disciplinary practice campers will learn a variety of skills and techniques, theory, and develop artistic language in each discipline. Each day campers will rotate through the various art practices, while learning new skills and building on existing ones! This is an engaging, affordable, and educational way to explore the arts! Materials included.

Art Sampler: Imagination
Ages 5 - 8
9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Art Sampler: Artists in Training
Ages 9 - 12
9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Extended Care: Morning
Ages 5 - 12
7:30 a.m. - 8:30 a.m.
Extended Care: Afternoon
Ages 5 - 12
4:00 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.

Call for Nominations for Board Members

Deadline: October 18, 2019


Would you like to be part of our creative journey with a vision of connecting to and celebrating a richer life through the arts? Are you excited for the future we are building for Neilson Park Creative Centre’s next quarter century?

NPCC is entering into its next 25 years with a new bylaw, board job descriptions, and renewed expectations of the role of the Directors of the Board. New Directors will be elected for a three-year term; some key skills are required to support the operational demands of a charitable organization, including project management, change management, financial management, revenue development and community outreach.

If you are interested in becoming a board member and are able to commit up to 15 hours a month, prepare for and engage in meetings and represent NPCC in the community please submit your application by October 18, 2019. For details, please click here.

If you are interested in serving on a NPCC committee, please email petra@neilsonparkcreative for details.


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