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Exhibition of Art by Students of Louise ZychPaul Cook lobster traps nfld2018 22
Presented by Basics and Beyond Students
Exhibition Dates:  February 10 to March 1, 2020
Reception: Sat., Feb 22, 2020, from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m.

This exhibition of works in various media is by the students of Neilson Park Creative Centre instructor Louise Zych.

It is important to note that the students who agreed to exhibit their works come from all walks of life, ages, experience and talents. Some have been students of Louise for many years. Some of those adults would have started as youth and some adults in later stages of their lives have long wanted to explore their artistic side.

Regardless of when or where the student started in their artistic journey, what visitors see here is the result of years of study, exploration, courage and dedication of those students who come here to Neilson Park Creative Centre to reach this stage of their journey.

It is also a testament to the dedication of instructors like Louise Zych who put all their energy and expertise into the fostering and nurturing of these students and all students like them through the programs provided by NPCC.

The value of the programs provided by NPCC is clearly evident in this exhibition.




Black and White and In Between
Presented by Etobicoke Art Group
Exhibition Dates:  February 10 to March 1, 2020
Closing Reception: Sunday, March 1 from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.
EAG’s “Black & White & In Between” exhibition is a challenge to members to work only with black, white and various grays but no additional colour at all. As most members work most often with colour, taking advantage of the power of compliments, colour intensity contrast, psychoactivity, and luminosity, this was a great challenge. Twenty-nine members have created achromatic works while 5 members went their own way and used colour to varying degrees. Those will be easy to spot. 


We enjoyed the challenge and thank Steve Rose who accepted our invitation to participate  in this year’s show in the Park View Gallery.


For more information on the Etobicoke Art Group click here.











Victoriya, Yeshi, and Polina
NPCC Community Partnership with Students of Silverthorne Collegiate Institute
Exhibition Dates: February 10 to March 1, 2020


Victoriya Aylyarova IMG 8096Yeshi Khando IMG 8101Polina Khodakovska IMG 8102



My name is Viktoriya. I have been making art for as long as I can remember. Creating art has helped me over the years to feel empowered through hard times because I can always express my creativity and feelings through my artwork. I love the process of creating art and being able to experiment with different colours and mediums. most of all, I enjoy that no matter how long I make art I always feel like I have room to improve, so I'm always excited for my next project.



My name is Yeshi. I’ve always been interested in visual art and it’s something I use to express my thoughts and myself.

I find that creating art has also helped me over the years by giving me a sense of accomplishment. As an artist, I always try to make each and every one of my pieces unique and special in it’s own way. I love experimenting and playing around with different ideas to do so. I hope that I’m still interested and continuing art in the future because it’s something I would like to pursue as a career.



My name is Polina.

A big part of my identity is creating art. I find myself using it as a form of expression, and as a way to make me happy. I tend to use markers or pens when drawing as a way to challenge myself, since it pushes me to embrace my mistakes instead of simply erasing them. By doing this, it’s helped me get out of my comfort zone and reduced my constant need to be perfect.

I’ve learned that art doesn’t need to be perfect in order to be considered art, it’s very much what you make of it. Something I love doing is implementing colour into most of my drawings as it helps bring them to life, as well as making it stand out. It makes my day when I put a smile on someone’s face using my art, especially when they find it funny and laugh. I hope to someday pursue art as my career, incorporating it into more aspects of my life and seeing where it takes me.

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Neilson Neighbours
Presented by Neilson Park Creative Centre in partnership with Dom Lipa
Exhibition Dates:  January 21 to June 17, 2020
Reception: Friday, February 7, 2020 from 4:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.
NPCC in partnership with Dom Lipa, invited members of NPCC's resident groups to display art at Doma Lipa Retirement Residence at 52 Neilson Drive, Etobicoke ON. This outreach exhibition seeks to connect Neilson Park Creative Centre members with Dom Lipa residents and showcases the diverse fine art and craft of NPCC's resident groups to a broader community.
Artworks by the following NPCC member artists are displayed in the exhibition at Dom Lipa:  Adrienne Avvidson, Sue Archibald, Susan Dain, Diane Daniel, Joanne Feely De Graaf, Jacintha Krish, Jane Laster-Gordon, Helen McCusker, Eileen Menzel, Bev Morgan, Rose Marie Nicolucci, Marg O'Flanagan-Byerley, Natalia Outkina, Pam Pols, Eileen Rademacher, Pat Staton, Quan Steele, Rosemary VanderBreggan, and Gunta White.
All are invited to join us at the reception on Friday, February 7, 2020 from 4 to 5:30 p.m. at Dom Lipa, 52 Neilson Drive, Etobicoke, ON.



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