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Exhibition Duration: January 8 - February 4, 2018
Exhibition Reception: January 28, from 2 - 4 pm*

Nourish to Flourish is a multi-media exhibition that highlights the work of Instructors at Neilson Park Creative Centre. Join us for the reception where we will celebrate how our instructors support participants on their creative journey. 

*Early in-person registration for Spring and Summer will be available during reception.

Participating instructors and artists: 
Enzo AvolioToni CaldaroneAbigail CudjoeMalcolm CullenKal HoneyJacintha KrishKim Lee Kho, Veronica Loi, Diane Martin, Helen McCuskerPaul McCuskerSteve Rose, Bruce Sherman, Brenda Sturino, Louise Zych

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Display Case 

Herb Taylor.jpeg

Exhibition Duration: January 3 - February 1, 2018

Herb Taylor is a long time resident of Etobicoke and a recent member of NPCC.

He feels fortunate to be involved with the arts community at NPCC and finds renewed interest in being creative because of the likeminded people he has met here. Herb combines his interests in colour and woodcraft to create the unique finish on the wood sculptures.

Herb feels excited to share them with NPCC visitors for their viewing interests.


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