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My Womanhood
Joanna Czub


Exhibition Duration:  April 2 to April 18, 2019

Reception: Saturday, April 13, 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.


“My Womanhood” is a retrospective look at various series I have created over the last fifteen (15) years of being an artist. It is a personal story told through paintings based on photographs that were designed, staged and taken by me. In the current environment of “woman power” and sociopolitical issues of gender equality (or rather the never-ending struggle for gender equality), individual stories of personal growth are increasingly relevant to gaining a greater insight into how women live, work, mother, feel, talk and interact within the society. This exhibition is a reflection of my own story told through visual snapshots. Perhaps it is a story, which can resonate with other men and women’s journeys of change, struggle, defeat, surrender, and rebirth – a narrative of human growth that is a connecting thread that unites us.

The way I paint as well as the subject matter I choose have changed as my life shifted from being a single woman to getting married, finding out that I’m adopted, graduating from OCADU, becoming a mother, working through post partum anxiety, and many other personal challenges that shaped who I am today. “My Womanhood” is a visual dairy of growth through personal experiences and the way I used them to redefine my own personal womanhood. 

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Meeting in the Middle
Sandie Collins and Mary O'Brien

Exhibition Duration:  April 2 to April 18, 2019

Opening Reception: Tuesday, April 2, 7 p.m. to 9 p.m


Two artists. Two University of Windsor graduates. Two ends of the province.

Two mediums of artistic expression.

Sandie Collins and Mary O’Brien come together to exhibit their respective responses to landscape using printmaking and mixed media.

While living at opposite ends of Ontario, each artist has a strong connection to Toronto, either as a place once lived in or educated in. Neilson Park Creative Centre in Toronto is a fitting venue for a joint exhibition.

Since their time together at the University of Windsor, both artists continue to find inspiration from their respective locales, as well as from travels afar.

Sandie continues to explore the terrain of the Southwestern Ontario landscape after having also ventured multiple times to India, where that dramatic land also urges a creative response as found in her printmaking.

Mary uses sights along familiar waterways, paths and streets to discover intriguing interactions of texture, colour and space. Having travelled to destinations in the southwest, the tropics and Europe, surrounding environments have propelled new visual synergies to emerge in her mixed media works on paper and canvas.

The two artists’ work provides stimulating contrasts. Sandie’s expressive use of strong lines and her powerful reduction of colour to that of black and white provide a stark counterpoint to Mary’s reliance on textural juxtapositions and colourful collaged or painted works. Sandie’s fluid and bold forms contrast with Mary’s inherent geometric and detailed compositions.

Nonetheless, their joint inspiration from landscape and their strong connection to nature (along with its often challenging relationship to technology) continues to promote continued artistic production .

Viewers can experience the evolution of each artist’s work while easily finding visual and conceptual connections by glancing between the two exhibition walls.


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 Cassie Paine

Exhibition Duration: April 2 to April 18, 2019


Cassie Paine is exhibiting her Intaglio Print on Tissue, 1949 Devonshire Crt.

Cassie says, "by working in a systematic and operational way, my work aims to align the organic systems of the body to the fixed constructed habitat and the tools used within these environments." 

Cassie Paine is a Sculpture and Installation Artist and Printmaker whose work reflects on the functional and authoritative role tools hold within our society. Her work investigates urban planning strategies, systems in place to control automotive and pedestrian traffic, and distinctions between public and private places. Paine holds a BFA with an honourable mention from OCAD University. She has exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in Windsor, ON, Toronto, ON and Montreal, QC.



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Marg OFlanagan Byerley and Mira Martinez

Exhibition Duration: April 2 to April 30, 2019

Artists Marg OFlanagan Byerley and Mira Martinez are exhibiting prints, collages, frames and handmade boxes that are ideal gifts for Easter, Mother's Day and spring events. 



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Archive of a Brick

Cassie Paine

Exhibition Duration: April 6 to May 3, 2019

The installation, Archive of a Brick, is a 3D scanned and printed copy of a red brick, which has been rescued from a demolition site. Through a shift in the interface from real, to digital, to printed, the desire for preservation is brought forward. The character and history of the brick is blurred, yet contained within this translation, as narratives of site become abstracted through the presentation of the brick as a unique, yet ubiquitous object. 


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