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Current Exhibition


Main Gallery

 one after the other postcard

Exhibition Duration: March 20th – April 9th, 2017

Exhibition Reception: Saturday, March 25th, 2017 from 1 - 4pm

One after the other includes abstract paintings that emphasize created spaces and minimalist actions. Working in process-driven methods, marks are made intuitively, obsessively repeated—one after the other—to create paintings that fulfill a wordless satisfaction. Featuring paintings from emerging artists Julia Szabo, Shannon Taylor-Jones, and Janine Wheeler, this range of work illustrates complementary yet diverse forms of contemporary abstraction.

One after the other brings together different approaches to abstraction that share commonalities in execution and intention. These pieces follow a common theme of simplicity while engaging in a conversation of difference. 

Shannon Taylor – Jones

Julia Szabo

Janine Wheeler


Hallway Gallery


Exhibition Duration: March 20th – April 9th, 2017

Exhibition Reception: Monday, March 20th, 2017 from 7 – 9pm

Flux is a photography exhibition which features work by Jennifer Ribout of J. K. Ribout Photography and Rileigh Sabourin of Rileigh Sabourin Photography. This exhibition presents three series of work titled Flux, Essence and Vitality.

Flux is a collaborative series by both photographers. It is an abstracted interpretation of water and its constant natural state of change. Essence features a series of landscape photographs that reveals the beauty of nature through simplicity captured through Jennifer’s lens. Vitality captures a journey of one’s self; Rileigh’s self. This series reflects multiples characters that are fictional but a part of Rileigh’s underlying personality. Giving these characters the power to speak in these photographs, there is a sense of emotional auras that are unique to each one

J.K. Ribout Photography

Rileigh Sabourin Photography


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