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Enzo Avolio
Enzo Avolio is a seasoned Animator and Character Designer with studio production credits for both Warner Bros. and Disney. For the past 13 years Enzo has enjoyed being an Instructor in Sheridan College's BAA Animation program in which is also and alumni.
John Bingham
John Bingham is an artist, photographer and teacher living and working in Toronto. As an artist, John is known for his cutting-edge digital abstract imagery. His artwork is found in many private and corporate collections worldwide. He has an ongoing relationship with the Marriott Hotel Group providing abstract imagery for their hotels word wide. As a professional photographer John’s client list includes Mirvish Productions, Astral Media, The National Film Board of Canada and Stantec Architects.
John teaches Digital Arts at The Toronto School of Art and Neilson Park Creative Centre and advises private and corporate clients on digital image creation.
Toni Caldarone
Toni Caldarone is a self-taught expressive artist and arts educator. She is an honours graduate from Humber College’s Recreational Leadership program. She has fifteen-years of experience in event management in the arts and recreation. Toni teaches a variety of art classes and workshops throughout the year to both children and adults through Neilson Park Creative Centre, TDSB’s ConEd Learn4Life programs at Mimico Adult Centre, and at Fleming College’s Haliburton School of Art & Design’s summer program.
Toni also has her own business, called “Stones By Toni”, which includes one of a kind design on stones and mixed media artwork created using found objects. Toni’s work, which is guided by her intuition and spirituality, can be found in private collections.
Abigail Cudjoe
Abigail Cudjoe is a multimedia artist and educator of diasporic heritage. Abigail considers the representation of black beauty, aiming to both evoke emotions and connect with the perceiver. In focusing on features that are simultaneously shamed and coveted, Abigail reclaims their perfection. The bold colors and lines intertwine to create uplifting feelings, allowing their abstraction to meet the viewer halfway as interactive stimuli.
In addition to her work as a freelance artist, Abigail is an educator who works with students in various contexts, she is a visual arts teacher, storyteller and French tutor. She aims to integrate her practise as an artist and her social justice work into all of the lessons with her students.
Malcolm Cullen
Malcolm Cullen is an illustrator, artist and instructor. He grew up in the small English Village of Cookham. Malcolm was inspired early on by the “British tradition” of illustration. Especially Edwardian illustrators such as Arthur Rackham, Heath Robinson and Edmond Dulac and looked to their illustrations in pen and ink and watercolour on handmade paper.
He studied Graphic Design at the Art College in London, United Kingdom. While in school, Malcolm was introduced to the writing of Mervin Peake, which has inspired an ongoing personal illustration project. Malcolm creates work for a wide variety of clients from design agencies to book and magazine publishers.
Kal Honey
Kal Honey was creative and obsessively detail-oriented from an early age: drawing, building models, embroidery and photography. He was an award-winning graduate of the Ontario College of Art. In 2009, he took a year-long sabbatical from his 20-year graphic design career to travel the continent, including attending the Prairie North Creative Residency in Grande Prairie, Alberta. Upon his return, he and partner Kim Lee Kho closed their studio, Eye-to-Eye Design, to focus on non-commercial art.
Often bold (but sometimes subtle), Kal’s work in painting, assemblage and collage is informed by his design sensitivity and training, his love of utilitarian materials, and his penchant for text, wit and wordplay.
Kal has exhibited recently at: Milton Centre for the Arts; Renann Isaacs Contemporary Art, Guelph; Station Gallery, Whitby; Propeller Centre and Gallery 1313, Toronto. 
As an art instructor, Kal teaches in Fleming College’s diploma, certificate and summer programs, including the new Studio Process Advancement graduate certificate. He also teaches regularly at Neilson Park Creative Centre, Visual Arts Mississauga, and Koffler Centre for the Arts, as well as leading workshops, giving lectures and jurying exhibitions throughout Southern Ontario.

Bareket Kewzer

Bareket Kezwer is a Toronto based visual artist, muralist and eternal optimist. Her work is motivated by a desire to spread joy, nurture present minded living, cultivate gratitude, and foster new social interactions. She works with bright colours and bold patterns to captivate people’s attention and fill them with delight. She continues this exploration in her latest project, #365daysofsmile. In 2016, she created a daily SMILE artwork and documented it on instagram She is continuing this project in 2017 to deepen her mission to connect with people through her art and grow the collective conversation about the power of gratitude and optimism.

Kim-Lee Kho
Kim-Lee Kho is a visual artist, instructor, speaker, juror, consultant, writer, and frustrated wanderer whose work is informed by her previous career as a graphic designer/art director.

​Located in the Greater Toronto Area, she has participated in exhibitions, residencies and mentorships in Ontario, Alberta and BC, including at 
Renann Isaacs' Contemporary Art gallery, Guelph; You Me Gallery, Hamilton and the Living Arts Centre, Mississauga.
This past summer, Kim had her first solo show at a public art gallery, creating a multi-layered installation for the XIT-RM space at the Art Gallery of Mississauga in drawing, video, textile and sculpture. Kim has been awarded numerous grants by the Ontario Arts Council, most recently in 2015 for the Chains Unlinked exhibition and including an Emerging Visual Artists grant (for the creation of new work) in 2013.
With roots in drawing and painting, Kim is a multidisciplinary artist interested in themes of confinement, identity, vulnerability, settled vs nomadic life, pilgrimage and shelter. Whether working in photo-based sculpture, acrylic skins, digital mixed media or upholstered forms, she works with a painterly eye, while looking for surprising pairings of form and idea and never taking materials for granted.
Kim teaches in diploma, certificate and summer programs at Fleming College, Haliburton; including the Studio Process Advancement graduate certificate. She teaches regularly at Neilson Park Creative Centre and Visual Arts Mississauga. Kim likes to create a safe and adventurous environment for students to learn and explore, so they can take on challenges while enjoying the process of discovery.
Jacintha Krish

Jacintha Krish is an artist and arts instructor who has had various career paths throughout her life, including business administration and accounting.


She started her education in fine art in College and at the Ottawa School of Art. Jacintha uses painting to capture the world around her in vivid splashes of colour.  She has travelled to and lived in Ottawa, Calgary, China and Europe. Her travels and experiences in various countries greatly influence her art creations.


Jacintha actively participates in the arts community in Toronto and Ottawa through the years in different art shows. Jacintha is also a member of Saatchi Art International and currently sells her work in Canada, USA, UK and Asia.




Veronica Loi

Veronica Loi received her Bachelor of Design from OCAD University specializing in Illustration. Loi also holds an undying interest in textile designs. Veronica’s current portfolio explores a wide range of materials and techniques, including, printmaking, papermaking and dry/wet felting. Veronica currently lives in Toronto and is continuing her Post-Graduate education at Humber College for Hospitality and Tourism Operations Management.

Helen McCusker
Helen McCusker is a practicing artist and is a graduate of the Sheridan College’s Illustration program. She worked as a freelance illustrator for publishers such as Hayes, Addison-Wesley, Holt Rinehart and Winston. Her practice involves the use of mixed media, such as soft pastels, acrylic, water soluble graphite. Helen exhibits regularly in group and juried exhibitions and has had various solo exhibitions.
Helen has had been working as an art instructor for more than 15 years. Helen’s teaching is based on a solid understanding of drawing and design principles and providing personal attention to each student. She is enthusiastic about helping students discover their potential and encouraging artistic exploration.
Paul McCusker
Paul McCusker graduated from both the Illustration and Media Arts Cartooning programs at Sheridan College. He has been freelancing as a Cartoonist/Illustrator since 1976. First as a local cartoonist for the Guelph Life Newspaper and later for the Globe and Mail and the Toronto Star. Paul was also one of the Orb comic artists.
Paul has worked in Educational Publishing and has Illustrated several Children and Young adult books. He also served as a courtroom artist for five years and worked on Canada’s most infamous “Bernardo Trial” for the Toronto Star. He was the artist on Owl Magazine’s long running “Mighty-Mites” comic strip (Written by Harold Eastman.) from 1993 until 2000. Paul now works full time as a concept artist and designer for Forrec Ltd. Forrec designs theme parks and entertainment facilities around the globe. Paul lives in Mississauga Ont.
Joan McKenzie
Joan is a member of the Etobicoke Handweavers and Spinners and the Etobicoke Rugcrafters. She practices a number of techniques – spinning, weaving, dyeing, felting, knitting, rug hooking, crocheting, tatting and various forms of needlework. Joan has been spinning since 2007 and in 2017 she finished a spinning education program from the Ontario Handweavers and Spinners (OHS). Joan was later awarded an OHS Certificate of Excellence in Spinning.
Joan has taken many spinning, weaving and dyeing workshops with her guild, OHS, in Ireland and in Vancouver, BC with the Maiwa Textile Symposium. Of particular interest to her is the use of natural plant material for dyeing. A few years ago she lobbied successfully at Neilson Park Creative Centre to plant a Dye Garden, with starter plant materials generously donated by Black Creek Pioneer Village. The NPCC-EHS Dye Garden has yielded a number of opportunities and possibilities.
She has participated in a number of shows, including the Annual Hall Show of the Etobicoke Handweavers and Spinners, and with the Ontario Handweavers and Spinners Conference.
Starlee Lively Odorico
Starlee Lively Odorico is a neuroscientist at the Krembil Research Institute at the Toronto Western Hospital by day, and an energetic and enthusiastic calligrapher by night. Her calligraphic journey began three years ago when she decided to teach herself pointed pen calligraphy to be able to incorporate personal touches into her wedding invitations and reception décor. Fascinated with drawing and letters since being old enough to hold a pencil, Star’s recent pointed pen excursion has developed into an all-consuming passion and creative outlet, and is in the process of developing her own unique style.
Star has studied under Master Penman Harvest Crittenden, world-renowned calligrapher Heather Held, and professional calligrapher Mark Lurz. She is a current member of the Calligraphic Arts Guild of Toronto. Star has done logo and design work for Drew Hodges, founder of New York’s SpotCo, a creative agency responsible for marketing some of Broadway’s most iconic productions. She has also given calligraphic demonstrations at Scriptus, Toronto’s Pen and Writing show.
Star’s research and teaching background in science at the University of Toronto enable her to share novel and creative approaches to understanding letterforms and the art of beautiful writing.
Steve Rose
Steve Rose is a graduate of OCAD with a major in drawing and painting. He has exhibited his work extensively and has a diverse and experienced background as an artist and educator.
His work is collected in private and corporate international collections. There are three main areas of interest to the artist, those being non-objective painting, life drawing and printmaking (generally in the medium of lithography).
In addition to an active independent studio practice, Steve enjoys teaching and lecturing on art and art history as well as constantly taking workshops such as his life drawing sessions every Wednesday evening for the past 17 years. Steve is also involved in mentoring less experienced artists and various artistic collaborations.


Bruce Sherman

Bruce Sherman has been painting for many years and especially enjoys painting outdoors. In the mid-90s, his twin brother talked him into directing his artistic enthusiasm into the “eternal animation project.”  Along with this playful endeavour, Bruce has fallen upon many stories in life, whose very existence required “cartooning.” Whether tales of his own, or those of his active children, the lighter side of life has provided an abundance of subjects for visual quips and characterizations.


Last summer, he was given a commission to draw 10 cartoons depicting a series of comedic analogies. The cartoons seen here are a compilation of personal images and work for that client.


John Stuart Pryce
John's love for art began at a very early age, as he discovered the great satisfaction derived from his ability to draw and paint. He continued developing his artistic interests, and eventually became an art major at the highly acclaimed H.B. Beal Tech. in London, Ontario. Since that time John has worked and studied in Montreal, Chicago and Toronto.
During a successful career as an architectural illustrator, his work was used in projects around the world. His seemingly loose yet eloquent technique is the result of years of experience in the disciplines of drawing, colour and composition.
John currently divides his time between painting and sharing his artistic knowledge with others through his painting workshops.



Brenda Sturino
An accomplished artist/teacher, Brenda completed an Honours BA in Visual Art and Education from the University of Western Ontario, London. Additional art training in various media followed at OCAD, Haliburton School of Art, Neilson Park Creative Centre, Open Studio, Hamilton Print Studio and Japanese Paper Place.
Rural roots in her formative years have been the inspiration and direction of her art endeavours. Primarily a printmaker, the various techniques of etching, lithography, serigraphy, solar, dry point and monoprints provide much experimentation and innovation, especially in combination.
A teacher with Brant County Board of Education, TDSB and Neilson Park Creative Centre, young artists continue to be a part of her focus, adding the Milkweed Collective which offered a program, “Exploring Creativity in Depth” where everyone finds their “inner artist”.


Louise Zych
Louise is a multi-media artist whose works include acrylics, watercolour, coloured pencil, pastel, printmaking and collage. She has been an active artist since childhood, on the executive for the Burlington Fine Arts Association as a teenager and studied at Ontario College of Art. After college, as a self-employed artist, she worked in etching, serigraphy, illustration, graphic design and sign painting. Her primary focus since 2000 has been on fine art projects.
Louise taught art voluntarily for ten years at her daughters' elementary school. She has also taught at the Koffler Centre and continues to teach private and semi-private classes at her own studio. Louise is a member of the Colour and Form Society, a member of and facilitator for the Milkweed Collective and wrote for and co-edited “The Milkweed Newsroom”, a quarterly newsletter. She was also a contributing writer for “Artists in the Park”, NPCC's quarterly newsletter. She has overseen the design and production of several large works of art by NPCC Youth, one for permanent installation at NPCC and one for St. Michael's Hospital, Toronto.
She has participated in many exhibitions; solo, juried, collective and invitational, has won several awards and curated a collective exhibition for the Milkweed Collective. Her work is in collections across Canada, United States, England and Turkey.
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