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Conversations with Nature
Clare Ross

Exhibition Duration:  May 13 to June 2, 2019Clare Ross elegy of an anemone 7 inch

Opening Reception: Thursday, May 16, 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Ross’ exhibition 'Conversations with Nature’ is an imaginative foray into a post apocalyptic world with the actual reconstruction of figures from nature. Ross has paid unusual attention to colour, light and sculptural form.

Printed on archival watercolour paper, every photograph is an artifact symbolically showing our desire for nature and and the lengths we will go to recover what might destroy.

A preview exhibition of this series was well received in France in July, 2018.









N/gage - A Group Exhibition
Curated by Sylvia Galbraith

Exhibition Duration:  May 13 to June 2, 2019christy winegarden puedos vernos Sylvia Galbraith exhibition

Opening Reception: Thursday, May 16, 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Photography has the power to engage as personal experience comes into play. It serves as a means to spark one’s imagination, eliciting a response unique to each viewer.

This exhibition comprises work by thirteen artists demonstrating varied interpretations of the photographic medium through both traditional and contemporary methods, while responding to individual ideas of place, abstractions, portraiture and still life.

N/gage responds to the diversity of artistic practice, while celebrating connectedness within the photographic technique.





Vivian Wong

Exhibition Duration: May 6 to June 1, 2019Vivian Wong OFG IMG 5326


This microcosmic landscape contains invasive plants that have overtaken the native ecosystem of Toronto/Tkaronto. A whirlwind of ghost butterflies fills this habitat, created around the remains of a Monarch butterfly found on the grille of a car on a city street. It suggests that butterfly migration in a changed environment is a narrative of displacement and loss.

Vivian Wong is a Toronto-based artist, arts educator and workshop facilitator. In her public art practice, she focuses on process and engagement through participatory art, using sustainable and upcycled materials and a mix of found and natural objects. Vivian has animated spaces like Nuit Blanche Toronto, Evergreen Brick Works, and the Gardiner Museum with interactive and ephemeral installations and community art.


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