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 eje 2018 invite

Emerging Artist Exhibition

Presented by Ontario Society of Artists

Exhibition Duration: October 2 - October 20, 2018

Exhibition Reception: Thursday, October 4 from 6 - 8 pm


This October the Ontario Society of Artists invites the public to see a new exhibition of work by Emerging artists in Ontario! You can be among the first to see 36 exciting new pieces in a wide variety of disciplines, and if you come to the opening, you will have the opportunity to meet many of the artists too! This is a biennial show, so if you miss this one, you'll have to wait two years for the next one! 

Founded in 1872, the Ontario Society of Artists is Canada's longest continually running art society and we run on a mandate of supporting art and artists across the province. We have a membership roster that includes some of the best known Canadian painters and we pride ourselves on supporting artists at all stages of their careers.



Live Laugh Love

Presented by Etobicoke Quilters Guild

Exhibition Duration: October 2 - October 20, 2018


Live Laugh Love presents quilts created by members of the Etobicoke Quilter's Guild this summer. The uplifting exhibition hopes the viewers would feel the joy the creators felt while the quilts were being made. Some quilts may give you a chuckle or remind you of someone or something you love. Live, Laugh and love as you view the quilts on display.



The Exhibitionists

Presented by Judy Chappus, Sandie Collins, Rebecca Draisey

Exhibition Duration: October 2 - October 20, 2018


The Exhibitionists are a group of figurative woman artists who endeavor to authentically define and catalogue our contemporary experiences of being female by painting and drawing each other in costume and environments that satirize erroneous social ideals. They regularly invite other woman, artists and models, to share their experiences and to help expand their understanding by adding their unique perspective to the studio environment.

In this exhibition, the way they are perceived, portrayed and controlled in the world is contrasted by how they truly identify with these beliefs. By dressing in unconventional ways and in unflattering natural poses, they challenge the viewer to see woman differently. Feminine nakedness is too often associated with seduction, sexuality, indecency, and powerlessness. This, coupled with our diverse population and the cultural differences within, incites them to find the congruence we share as woman and to celebrate through art making the truths they discover. This work ultimately demystifies the female form, defines and celebrates genuine beauty, freedom and feminine power, and deconstructs the stigma around woman and nudity.





Scenes of Toronto

Presented by Beverley Morgan

Exhibition Duration:  October 1 - October 31, 2018


Scenes of Toronto features artwork by Beverley Morgan, who is primarily a watercolour artist and currently resides in Etobicoke. Since retiring from teaching, many of those years spent teaching art, she has been able to devote herself full time to her own painting. She is a member of the Franklin Carmichael Art Group, The Neilson Park Creative Centre, The Humber Valley Art Club, the Central Ontario Art Association and is currently a signature member of The Toronto Watercolour Society. 

"Toronto is a city of Neighbourhoods each with their own unique character and flavour.  I have tried to capture these in my miniature paintings of homes, back lanes, city streets and buildings which comprise the colourful communities in which we live."




An Insectibition 

Presented by Neilson Park Creative Centre

Exhibition Duration:  October 1 - October 31, 2018


Insectibition takes a close look at the insect kingdom recreated by young artists of NPCC.

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