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Neilson Park Creative Centre is proud to present Speakers' Series events, in partnership with our Resident Groups.

Join in learning from and sharing with creators at these FREE public talks.

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Japanese Paper: Ancient Material, Contemporary Inspiration with Nancy Jacobinancy 2011


Sunday Mar. 4, 2018

2:00pm - 4:00pm



Founder and owner of The Japanese Paper Place, Nancy Jacobi, will share with you her 37-year life adventure with the versatile material, through images of papermaking in Japan today and pieces by artists working in a variety of media. Nancy and The Japanese Paper Place staff have a passion for sharing traditional Japanese handmade papers with the world!

Decades after founding The Japanese Paper Place, Nancy Jacobi continues to find new outlets to express her life’s passion for one of the world’s most precious artistic resources: washi.  Her 2008 endeavour, "The World Washi Summit", brought together Japanese papermakers, artists, gallery owners and distributors of our paper from around the world for a life-altering week of creative discovery. This event was the perfect expression of Nancy’s essence: the ability to mix art with business, tradition with innovation, and passion with purpose. Each subsequent year in June and throughout the year she has organized a smaller event along similar themes. In 2017 we partnered with Propeller Gallery for the In the Spirit of Indigo, hosting an exhibition using vintage indigo gampi and offering numerous workshops related to blue.
Working in Series with Debra KrakowDebra Krakow

In partnership with the Etobicoke Art Group


Tuesday Mar. 27, 2018

7:30pm - 9:00pm



Many artists work in series and if you haven't yet, it may be time to start! Using examples from her paintings as well as artists working across a wide spectrum of media and styles, Debra Krakow will expound on the merits of exploring an idea through a series of works. She'll explain how to work through a series to foster creativity and growth. She'll discuss the various ways pieces in a series can relate to each other and lastly, the importance of bringing a series to a close and moving on to new ideas.


Debra Krakow is a Canadian artist and architect. Her luminous and evocative paintings express her deeply felt connection to the natural world. Debra was born into a creative family in 1965 and has been a free spirit ever since. Torn between her two loves – art and physics -- she decided to study architecture. She graduated from McGill University where she had the privilege of studying life drawing under artist Gentile Tondino. Her artistic practice has developed through courses in painting, printmaking, sculpture, fibre arts and ceramics. She continues to explore new ideas and working methods in her Wolfe Island studio, overlooking acres of fields and the St. Lawrence Seaway. Debra is represented by Muse Gallery in Toronto, Studio 22 Open Gallery in Kingston, and Koyman Galleries in Ottawa. 



Now that I'm Here: My Creative Journey through Digital Imaging with John BinghamJOHN


Sunday Apr. 8, 2018

2:00pm - 4:00pm



The journey begins sitting rain-soaked on top of a mountain in South America. A moment of doubt about my future as a photographer. It ends with a show of my digital photography at the Paris Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. The venue a trade show…“The Latest Trends in Hospitality Photography”. I hope that’s not the end of my journey nor the high point of my career. Rather a point from which to look back at what I consider “time well wasted”. As Janis Joplin once said at the peak of her career… “Now that I’m here where am I?” To answer that question for myself I’m presenting work and insights from the journey that took me from the realization that film photography was dead to the bright lights of Las Vegas with some colourful stops in between.


John Bingham is an artist, photographer and teacher living and working in Toronto. As an artist, John is known for his cutting-edge digital abstract imagery. His artwork is found in many private and corporate collections worldwide. He has an ongoing relationship with the Marriott Hotel Group providing abstract imagery for their hotels word wide. As a professional photographer John’s client list includes Mirvish Productions, Astral Media, The National Film Board of Canada and Stantec Architects. John teaches Digital Arts at The Toronto School of Art and Neilson Park Creative Centre and advises private and corporate clients on digital image creation. 



Contemporary Painting: the Vocabulary of Paint with Kim-Lee Khokim


Sunday Apr. 29, 2018         

2:00pm - 4:00pm       



Many contemporary painters are working with an expansive vocabulary of paint, or a distinctly contemporary language, using (and pushing) the properties of the paint and its application in varied and unexpected ways. Kim-Lee Kho will lead us through gorgeous examples from artists working today – many of them Canadian – focusing in on their painterly vocabulary and unique ways of working with paint.


Her upcoming weekend workshop at NPCC, Contemporary Painting: Transparent Glazes in Acrylics, will focus on creating the gorgeous depth, lustre and complexity of layered transparent glazes.


Kim-Lee Kho is an actively exhibiting multidisciplinary Canadian artist and recovering graphic designer/art director. As a teacher, speaker and consultant, she leads people on adventures in art. This presentation relates closely to her own approach to painting and she has taught numerous popular courses and workshops on related topics. She has participated in exhibitions, residencies and mentorships in Ontario, Alberta and BC, and has been awareded grants by the Ontario Arts Council. In 2015, Kho had a solo show, Chains Unlinked, at the Art Gallery of Mississauga and was a featured artist with large-scale installations in the Situ arts festival at the Small Arms Building, as well as showing new paintings and large format digital mixed media prints in two seperate shows in 2017.

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